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Janna power of the wind

Janna is my most played champion, what she lacks in damage she makes up in utility. Her wind gale, shield and ultimate are what makes her in my opinion one of the most powerful disengage champions in the game. She's a great support if you have a strong tank front line. Whenever a strong front line lacks i prefer to choose a tankier support. Such as leona or shen to make up for the lack in front line. However if we lack a strong tank front line but we do have a strong engage team I often choose janna to make up for the lack in disengage. So it works both ways. Her spell kit, crowd control and movement speed is what makes her a very strong pick in either scenario. With over 5000 games played since season 1 this is by far my go to pick. Early game items Early game tactics Early game tactics explanation comes here


League trainer website in development

Hi folks, first of all welcome and thank you for visiting the website, my name is TrollAndLaugh. Currently my ranked Elo is about gold 3/ Gold 2. i'm building this website to help others and to teach others. My main role is support but i'll be trying to play all sorts of champs and write guides about them. Be sure to check out the guides section and stay tuned for upcoming guides, tips and tricks. The website is still in development and it could still take a while before content will be coming up live. Thanks again for visiting and see you in league!